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Infant care and Learning (2weeks-12months)


In the past year we have recently opened up an infant room! Our infant room is much more 84571167_204156487437019_3991777063425015808_nthan a day care it is a place where every child is safe and nurtured. We carefully hand pick each teacher for this room that we know have the child’s best intrust in mind, are loving, and will help them grow to be ready for the next level of child hood development. 




What we provide:


Our facility has great amenities that are provided for not only our infants, but other classrooms as well! 

  • A fun loving environment to help them learn and grow
  • A daily lesson plan that’s catered to them specifically 
  • A variety of formulas 
  • Diapers of various sized 
  • Sensitive and unscented wipes 
  • Homemade baby food that are mostly organic 
  • Table food when ready 


What makes us special?

  • Every room has a camera that you have access to from 6am-6pm. You will only be able to view your child’s classroom from a computer or phone. 
  • In order to enter our facility we have a key pad on our front door that you have to enter your own personal code to get in. 
  • All of our food is made in house! With the infants our own personal chef makes mostly organic baby food and when ready they are served homemade table food.
  • In the infant class we keep small ratios to ensure every child is getting the attention and love they need to help them grow!
  • We have high standards and deep culture for our staff and keep them up to the highest standards to ensure every child is treated equally and leave happy every day.