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School Age Summer Program

School Age Summer Program 2020 Ages (6-12 years old)


We are very excited for our School Age Program this year! This is our second year doing the program and the kiddos had a blast last year! Last year we were able to go on a lot of offsite field trips. This year will be a little different due to the global pandemic. We will be having some special visitors come to visit the kids on site.  We may be able to do more as everything in the world gets back to normal and we feel it is safe to take the children out places.

Possible special outdoors visits:

  • Botanica
  • Great Plains Nature Center
  • Kona Ice Truck
  •  Food Trucks


We will be doing other fun activities through out the upcoming weeks. In the past we have brought in food from various places for lunch as a special treats for the kids. Below are different Fun Days we will be doing.


Fun Days:

  • Movie Days
  • Bouncy House Day
  • Pizza Hut Day
  • Happy Meal Days
  • Sonic Slushy Day98450416_2693629167548030_5241982626713042944_n
  • Water Play Days (Tuesdays and Fridays)


Peachwood Food Program:

Last year the School Age kids ate lunch across the street at the Haysville district No Child Goes Hungry Program.This year we are choosing to keep the kids on site to enjoy our homemade healthy meals. The meals that we provide for the school age kids are breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. All of our meals are made from scratch and are made as healthy as possible. We are a peanut and tree nut free center, as a substitution to peanut butter we typically use  Sunflower Butter.