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 Young toddler 1 1/2-2 1/2 Years Classroom

We love our littles!!  When it comes to care for your sweet toddler, we are all about keeping them safe, healthy and we want them to feel loved.  We have a predictable yet flexible schedule that allows our toddlers to feel safe and secure.   In our toddler room, your little sweetie will have the chance to paint and experience a variety of developmentally appropriate sensory activities.  We use a LOT of music with our toddlers as well.   Our toddler teachers plan themes for toddlers around the Little Treasures Curriculum that the Preschool Classes are using, appropriately scaled down to their level of development.

Handwriting Without Tears for Toddlers


Preparation for handwriting begins with our toddlers-and it’s not boring old pencils and paper.  Our toddlers begin preparing for handwriting by learning a variety of fun songs from our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum (and the good ‘ole Alphabet Song is among them!).  They have the opportunity to explore the concept of “lines” and “curves” and use play dough to strengthen their fine motor skills.

Conscious Discipline Curriculum

A sample Conscious Discipline “I Love You Ritual”:

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
what a wonderful child you are!

This curriculum creates an atmosphere of acceptance and love for both caregivers and children.  It is the foundation of our center, and helps our children develop empathy from an early age.


Our Toddler 2-3 Years Classroom

The older toddlers are usually working on ONE big goal:  Potty training!  Our toddler 2 and 3 teachers have a predictable schedule (they go to the potty every hour) that allows us to experience a high rate of potty training success.  Our teachers make potty time a time of connection and a positive experience for your child by sharing short books or “I Love You” rituals with the children as they are in the restroom.  We are dedicated to helping your child become more independent and reaching one of the most exciting milestones at this time in their little lives.  We partner with parents to get children moving into big kid underwear, and celebrate when they do!

When they are not potty training, you will find our toddlers engaged in a wide variety of activities which are based on the Little Treasures Curriculum themes being used by our Preschool program.  Our toddler teachers provide art, sensory, early literacy, early math, science, social studies, and music activities that are engaging and developmentally appropriate for their class.  Along with following the Little Treasures Themes, the toddler teachers also use the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum.  This curriculum introduces the concepts of shapes and lines to your child with songs and manipulatives that will prepare your child to recognize numbers and letters.  It also uses art, music, and sensory activities to strengthen fine motor skills, which will ready your child for writing.

Learning to get along with others is SUCH a huge part of early childhood, and we utilize the Conscious Discipline curriculum to help our teachers create an atmosphere of success and love that will inspire your child to thrive.

The toddler years are so exciting.  Children are learning so much, and becoming “little people!”  Independent, headstrong, curious, silly and shy are all words that may describe your toddler-and we appreciate ALL of those attributes.  If you are curious about our toddler program, we encourage you to call and schedule a tour.  We’d love to meet your little one.