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Administrative and Lead Staff

Mrs. Shelley Palmer, Owner 


Our owner, Shelley Palmer, has been working with kids in a variety of ways over a span of 23 years.  Although her college experience was focused on business, she has a passion for health and fitness, and ran children’s fitness programs at the Clearwater Wellness Center where she led volunteers to raise over $375,000 for its renovation and opening. She has worked with preschoolers at the Clearwater Library, coached soccer,  and was  a Girl Scout Leader for five years. “I love being physically active with the kids and teaching them life-long learning skills which will enable them to be healthy and active,” she says. “My specialty is in fitness and nutrition.” Shelley is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has studied both nutrition and childhood fitness.  Her commitment to nutrition is just one of the ways that Peachwood stands out from other centers. She is the mastermind behind all of our creative menus which feature items such a; Chicken, Spinach and Cheese mini-sliders, Ham and Cheese mini-quiches, Salmon Patties, and made from scratch Popsicle, Cheez- Its and graham crackers (which all make the center smell heavenly!!).   Shelley manages the finances of the center, is one of our substitute teachers, occasionally cooks and sets up the classroom and playgrounds for physical activities.


 “Partnering with parents to grow for a brighter tomorrow” We are very excited to welcome new staff members to our Peachwood Family. You will see several new smiling faces around the building. Please make our new family members feel welcome. We are happy to start incorporating them into the creative culture that we love so much about Peachwood. New biographies for our teachers will be coming soon.



Mrs. Jesi Norris, Nutrition Specialist and Program Director

Jesi Norris

Ms. Jesi oversees the day-to-day management of the kitchen as well as the creation of menus that are healthy, diverse and kid-approved!  You won’t find Jesi simply ordering cereal for breakfast,  re-heating frozen entrees or serving the standard “goldfish” and “cheeze-its” in our center, oh no.  You WILL find Jesi augmenting recipes for banana pancakes from scratch,  home-made breads and muffins, hand-made salmon patties for lunch and home-made pudding or graham crackers.  Each menu is made with seasonal favorites in mind-fresh fruit pops in summer, pumpkin bread and muffins in the fall, and chili in the winter.  When Ms. Jesi is creating for the kitchen, you will find her searching the internet for new kid-friendly and healthy menu ideas.

Jesi holds an Associates Degree in Applied Science from Butler CC as well as a Kansas CNA license, and is continuing her education in the field of nutrition.   Jesi is not only crucial to the success of our nutrition program and the smooth running of our kitchen,  but has also stepped into the role of Program Director. She is continuing her role in the business administrative duties as well as the day to day smooth running of the center.  Ms. Jesi is KDHE certified to teach or substitute in any classroom and has 20 years combined experience working with children in both licensed facilities and as a private nanny. She is excited to bring new expertise and knowledge from many sources into the center and train the staff in new and innovative ways in the years to come.

Ms. Jesi has been on staff at Peachwood since it’s opening in November of 2013.  Fun fact about Jesi:  She is hilarious.  Just wait for it…




Mrs. Dana Hughes, Assistant Director

dana family

Ms. Dana has taught in preschool for 10 years and joined Peachwood in June of 2014.  She was born and raised in Wichita, Ks and graduated from Butler in 2010 with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood and has since applied and received her Director’s License.  Ms. Dana says, “being a preschool teacher is such a joy! My favorite part is all the hugs and smiles, and celebrating when the kids accomplish something great…writing their name…making a new friend…and I can’t help but be happy that I was a part of it!” Outside of work, she loves spending time with her husband and two dogs, Zoe and Zira (who can be found in the halls of Peachwood greeting families and playing with everyone). She also loves photography and is currently preparing for the newest addition to her own family!  We are so excited that her and her growing family are a part of Peachwood.



Stephanie DavidsonLead Teacher, 2 weeks- 1 1/2 years old (Yellow Room)



Ms. Deanna, Lead Teacher, 3-4 years old (Blue Room)


Deanna Page has been married to her Middle School sweetheart for over 30 years and together they have 4 daughters. (Three adult daughters and one surprise daughter who is now in 1st grade!) She has enjoyed a life that has included over 35 years of teaching Sunday School and other Bible classes at her local church, acting as Camp Activities Director and camp counselor for 15 years, directing a drama missions team for 10 years, costuming, acting and directing with Wellington Community Theater for 10 years, being a foster parent both through DCF and privately at various times throughout the years, and homeschooling her three adult daughters for their entire education K-12. Deanna joined Peachwood with no formal training in child care facilities, but has a lifetime of experience and a willingness to learn. In the classroom she loves to sing, paint, build, dance, explore, make messes, and tell stories. She believes that every child is unique and enjoys encouraging each one to learn and grow individually. In her free time Deanna enjoys traveling, shopping, and dreaming of being at the beach. Her hobbies include decorating, writing, and anything Disney. She believes that we should all live by the motto “Have Courage and Be Kind”






(Grandma) Judy Jones

Judy Jones

“Grandma Judy” is a favorite around the center.  Years of experience as a mom and grandma make her the perfect substitute “grandma” for all of our kids!  Grandma Judy is KDHE certified to teach in any of our classrooms-and when she comes in, she is always ready to give our a hug and a smile.   She is also awesome at bringing in projects for our kids to do-from art to making homemade ice cream!   Our favorite day is any day that she comes in to make chili and cinnamon rolls for our center.  Fun fact about Judy:  She loves to go to garage sales and always has awesome finds for our center.  In fact…we may need to add on just to store all of our goodies!