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Assistant Teaching and Support Staff

Mrs, Chandra Hollis, Assistant Teacher (Yellow room)

Ms. Chandra is our Head Chef and works closely with Jesi to incorporate fun and healthy food ideas into our menus. She is great at organizing and keeps our kitchen running smoothly. She is creative and curious and is always willing to try new recipes and brainstorm ways to make all meals exciting and fun for the children. She still enjoys helping out in the classrooms on occasion as well. Outside of work, she enjoys shopping, baking, traveling and taking pictures with her family. Ms. Chandra is always there to lend a helpful hand or an uplifting smile and we are very thankful to have her!






 Aim’ee Grether (Mimi) Assistant Teacher

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Miss Aim’ee has been working at Peachwood for a little over a year. She is a very important supporting staff member. Whenever we need something done she has more than likely already done it! Miss Aim’ee grew up in Clearwater, Kansas. She has two cute puppies names are Frankie & Fred. When she is not at work playing with the kids, she is out playing with her cows. We are so thankful to have her as apart of our Peachwood family!





“Partnering with parents to grow for a brighter tomorrow” We are very excited to welcome new staff members to our Peachwood Family. You will see several new smiling faces around the building. Please make our new family members feel welcome. We are happy to start incorporating them into the creative culture that we love so much about Peachwood. New biographies for our teachers will be coming soon.








CASEY! Assistant Teacher and Custodial

“Casey!” is what you will hear when he walks into the room.  Although he is only here part-time in the evening hours, he is a FAVORITE of the kids!  Casey is currently a student at WSU.