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Assistant Teaching and Support Staff


Miss Ashley Borntrager, Toddler Rooms, Afternoon and Evening Toddler  Lead (Yellow or Orange Rooms)

Miss Ashley has been on staff since August of 2015 and is KDHE qualified to be a lead in the classroom. You will usually find Ashley in our Yellow Room, playing with “her babies.”  Ashley also comes in 2-3 mornings a week and helps in our toddler rooms.    She is a high school senior at Campus High School-and spends her evenings after school (and during breaks) taking great care of our toddlers.  Ashley is a dependable and responsible member of our staff who provides a loving atmosphere for our toddlers in the evening as they wait for their moms and dads!






Miss Bernadette Love, Lead-Qualified Toddler Assistant Teacher (Orange Room)


This year we have been fortunate enough to add Miss Bernie to our staff!  Miss Bernie has a degree in Family Studies and Human Services and loves working with young kids.  She is most passionate about teaching children about physical fitness and showing them how to stretch and exercise.   Her sweet and positive attitude and her loving personality make her a perfect fit for our toddlers!

In her spare time, Miss Bernie enjoys playing cards, spending time with her family, and loves to quilt with her grandma, who has hand-made a quilt for each grandchild in her family.  Bernie also loves to play cards.




Miss Morgan Huskey, Lead Qualified Toddler Assistant Teacher (Yellow/Orange Room)

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Miss Morgan is a college student who has come on staff to work with our Toddlers!  She has three years of experience as a teaching Assistant at Nelson Elementary where she created and executed lesson plans, graded assignments, assisted the lead teacher with maintaining the classroom.  In addition, she incorporated music and art activities to encourage creativity and expression.








Miss Taylor Fletcher, Afternoon Preschool Lead (Sage Room)

Miss Taylor is a college student with two years of experience as both a lead and assistant teacher at First Baptist Daycare.  Miss Taylor is the lead preschool teacher in the afternoon and takes good care of our kiddos until their parents come and pick them up in the evening!




CASEY! Assistant Teacher and Custodial


“Casey!” is what you will hear when he walks into the room.  Although he is only here part-time in the evening hours, he is a FAVORITE of the kids!  Casey is currently a student at WSU.





Faith Clouse, Substitute and Kitchen Assistant

Miss Faith is a senior at Clearwater High School and has been on staff at Peachwood for over a year!  Miss Faith is currently a substitute for us in the classroom as well as in the kitchen.  IMG_3870