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Welcome To Peachwood Early Learning Center

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school family .


If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in care for someone very special to you-your child!  Finding trustworthy, safe, quality care for your toddler or preschooler will be one of the most important decisions you will make, so although we are going to try and give you a comprehensive overview of our philosophy and program, we want to encourage you to come to our center and experience our school family for yourself.


From Small Beginnings Come Great Things!

Ribbon Cutting

Peachwood Early Learning Center opened in November of 2013 with just TWO children and five full-time staff members.  As of this update, Peachwood is well into its fifth year with over 45 children and nearly 20 staff members, both full and part-time!

We attribute our growth to many things, but most importantly  to providing each family with a loving, secure and healthy environment where they know their child will be safe and happy…truly a “home away from home.”

Coded-Access Entry

One of the biggest concerns that parents have is the safety of their child.  Parents want to know that their child will be safe and sound while they are away.    One of the many ways that we ensure your child’s safety is by maintaining a secure facility.  All entrants to our facility must have a four-digit code to get into our building. Visitors and vendors must knock or call into the building to have access to entry. Our playgrounds are fenced with a 6-foot, locked iron fence in the front, and a 6-foot privacy fence in the back. All other outside doors must be opened from the inside.

PB&J: America’s Premier Childcare Webcasting Service

We also offer a webcam service that will allow you to log on from your computer or smart phone and view your child in his or her classroom in real time.   Parents simply log into the center’s online portal to take part inIMG_4771 their child’s learning experience.  “We want our parents to have a sense of safety when their children are in our care which is why we encourage them to drop in via webcam throughout the day,” says Shelley Palmer, Owner.  If there is ever any question about an event that happened during your child’s day, simply let us know.  We are able to review video from all of our classes and playgrounds to make sure that you are confident about the quality of care that your child is receiving.

We also ensure your child’s safety by:

  • Maintaining current Pediatric and Adult CPR and First Aid Certifications for all staff members working with children.
  • Maintaining our facility in accordance to the KDHE Child Care Regulations at all times.
  • Maintaining a highly-qualified and experienced Lead and Assisting Staff who understand Early Childhood and Developmentally Appropriate Practice.
  • Providing our staff with on-going training in the Conscious Discipline method, which focuses on creating an emotionally safe environment for children AND staff.
  • Providing our teachers on-going support and additional staffing to meet any needs that arise in the classroom throughout the day.


Conscious Discipline and Our School Family

We are passionate about creating a “school family” atmosphere.  We want each child and parent to feel as though they are connected and  part of a community instead of a number in a classroom.   We believe that when you enter our doors, you will immediately notice a sense of calm and peace in our atmosphere-on most days!!  We accomplish this be practicing Conscious Discipline, which is a comprehensive classroom management program and social-emotional curriculum.

Conscious Discipline is based on current brain research, child development information, and developmentally appropriate practices.  It has been specifically designed to make changes in the lives of adults first.  Because of this, we (the staff) are growing along WITH the children and are constantly learning how to turn everyday situations into times of learning and growth for both teacher and child.  Conscious Discipline promotes an atmosphere of encouragement, positive intent, empathy and love-all which contribute to our “school family” atmosphere.

Other benefits of Conscious Discipline:

  • It is a process that promotes permanent behavior changes in both teachers and children.
  • It is a relationship-based, community model of classroom management.
  • According to the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), social/emotional skills are just as important as acquiring cognitive skills (“Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten? by Ben Mardell and Melissa Tonachel)
  • The skills that teachers and parents are able to learn with Conscious Discipline will empower them to handle conflicts with integrity, and teach children to be respectful, responsible members of our classrooms.
  • It turns children into caring and curious class members who are compassionate, happy learners.
  • Both teachers and students are empowered to control themselves and to relate to others.
  • Online resources for parents and staff


Healthy Habits from the Start!

Our commitment to your child’s health also makes us stand out from other centers.   We provide your child with the following:

  • Breakfast:  You won’t find “cereal” on our menu!  What you WILL find:  high-protein favorites such as egg casseroles and fruit & yogurt parfaits, delicious seasonal home-made breads and muffins, and made-from-scratch pancakes.  Warm, yummy oatmeal and home-made granola are also center staples.
  • Lunch:  This is a hot-dog-and-chicken-nugget-free zone!  What you WILL find:  home-made soups, slow-cooked chili, pizza pasta, potato-chicken-cheese casserole, chicken-spinach burgers served on home-made buns, a variety of veggies and fresh fruit.
  • Snacks:  Forget the standard goldfish/cracker snack.  What you WILL find our children eating for snack:  home-made pudding, home-made popcicles made with fresh fruit, home-made hand-rolled and cut cheeze-its and graham crackers, home-made seasonal muffins, zucchini brownies (ohhhh sooo good) and even cookies made with veggies!


Kindergarten Readiness

One of the most frequently asked questions from parents is, “Are you just a day care or do you do “preschool” with the 20150916_101319kids?”  The answer to that is that although we are a full time facility providing day care for children, we incorporate a comprehensive preshool program into our day.  In fact, not only do we have the same curriculum that the Haysville pre-K uses, but we supplement that with TWO additional curriculums!  You can read a little about them in the paragraphs below, but please check out the “Programs” tab at the top of our web page and click on “Curriculum” on the drop-down tab for even more information on each of our curriculums.

Kindergarten readiness is also a high priority with us.  We use the Little Treasure’s Curriculum, adapted by each teacher for developmentally appropriate practice in the classrooms.  Little Treasure’s is a literacy-based comprehensive pre-K program.  Little Treasure’s features a rich language and literacy program, big books, and plans for science, social studies, early math and music activities.  The Little Treasures Curriculum will provide your child with a variety of meaningful activities throughout the year, introducing them to or reviewing a specific letter of the alphabet each week.   In addition to Little Treasures, we also use the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum, which exposes even our littlest learners to songs and activities that help them develop fine motor skills that will be needed for writing later on.  Our 20151210_102125older children use play dough, magnets and flip crayons to learn to write in fun and active ways.

Kindergarten readiness is about more than ABC’s and 123’s.  Knowing how to care for classroom materials, being able to follow directions, being able to walk in a line, being able to take care of pottying and washing hands independently and being able to attend to a small task are all things that your child needs to be able to do before entering kindergarten.  We utilize our Conscious Discipline curriculum to help the children develop self-control and social skills within themselves for school-years success.


If you are looking for a safe and loving environment for you child, we would like to encourage you to visit our center.  The best time to tour is from 9:00-11:00, when the children are involved in their daily activities and action is at its peak!  After 2:15 (our kids do take naps) we are able to do tours as well.  Please call and make an appointment, or just stop by.  We will be glad to show you all that our center has to offer.