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Why Peachwood

Date: November 23, 2013 Author: pbnjtv Categories: News

HAYSVILLE, KS, November 21, 2013 – Finding the right daycare center is a challenge that many parents face, but the newly opened Peachwood Early Learning Center is making the decision easier by offering a nurturing environment where children learn at their own pace.

Located at 1401 Grand Street, Peachwood Early Learning Center’s new state of the art facility serves children ages one through six with a unique curriculum that stimulates creativity and promotes imaginative play through arts, crafts, music, songs, dance, science and reading.

“Early childhood development is important to us.  We recognize that all children are unique in their own way and that includes their learning style,” said Shelley Palmer, President/CEO “We’re doing everything we can to encourage healthy mental and physical growth in each child.  For example, we provide all natural foods for them throughout the day, because we understand the strong correlation between healthy foods and brain development.”

Peachwood Early Learning Center also provides a webcam service that allows parents to watch their kids from work.  Parents simply log into the center’s online portal to take part in their child’s learning experience.  “We want our parents to have a sense of safety when their children are in our care which is why we encourage them to drop in via webcam throughout the day,” said Palmer.

For more information regarding Peachwood Early Learning Daycare center call 316-522-6768 or at